Food4Hope exists to provide food for the hungry and hope for the hopeless. Everybody needs food and everybody needs hope.

Hope that what you put in your body matters. We believe a host of health issues could be prevented, cured, or controlled by eating clean, healthy, nutrient-dense food. The food we produce is grown, harvested, and processed in the most natural, simple, and healthy way.

Part of our work force on the farm is women overcoming substance abuse and addiction. We help give them hope that there is a better way to live. They learn practical, useful skills on our farm that they can use in life.

We are passionate about teaching people how to grow, cook, preserve and enjoy the harvest. We look forward to the day when we can teach classes in our own facilities on the farm.

We believe it is fundamental to teach kids at a young age that healthy food is good for you, tastes delicious, and is fun to prepare and eat. We have a vision of hosting groups of young people to teach them all these benefits.